The McDonald's Project

Where is the Winnetka McDonald's located? For years, I was unable to eat a North Shore Big Mac because I could not locate the restaurant the way I have done in every other town: by looking for the golden arches! For this project, you (and possibly a partner) will be utilizing Google Street View to screenshot the golden arches sign in your assigned Western suburb. These suburb assignments will also apply to the research in other parts of our unit entitled, "Social Class Stations".


Matthew Desmond Talk on Poverty

On Wednesday, April 12th at 7pm, Princeton Professor of Sociology Matthew Desmond will be interviewed by noted author and Northwestern University professor, Alex Kotlowitz at Evanston Township High School. They will discuss Desmond's latest book, Poverty, by America. Please join us in attending!

The United States, the richest country on earth, has more poverty than any other advanced democracy. Why? Why does this land of plenty allow one in every eight of its children to go without basic necessities, permit scores of its citizens to live and die on the streets, and authorize its corporations to pay poverty wages? In his new landmark book Poverty, by America, acclaimed social scientist and urban ethnographer Matthew Desmond, Ph.D. draws on history, research, and original reporting to show how affluent Americans knowingly and unknowingly keep poor people poor. Those of us who are financially secure exploit the poor, driving down their wages while forcing them to overpay for housing and access to cash and credit. We prioritize the subsidization of our wealth over the alleviation of poverty, designing a welfare state that gives the most to those who need the least. And we stockpile opportunity in exclusive communities, creating zones of concentrated riches alongside those of concentrated despair. Some lives are made small so that others may grow.

What is Lynching?

You may have read or heard about this tweet in the news during the Trump administration. Why did the President's tweet cause controversy?

Here are a couple of recent interviews with Bryan Stevenson to help explain the history of this word: